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pro-traditional family billboard and everyone loves it! haha yeah right

Someone put up a sign saying, “‘Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It,” and a bunch of feminists and loser white knight men* are upset about it.

‘Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It’ Billboard Stirring Controversy in NC

It’s easy these days to dismiss something as a troll job.  The word “troll” has almost lost all meaning thanks to overuse.  Plus, it never made much sense to me to dismiss someone as trolling.  Uh, hasn’t every society had people who try to piss off the establishment?

Forgetting the trolling angle, why can’t people just have different values and we all leave it at that?  Many women (if not a majority) love the sentiment expressed on this billboard.  Many men feel the same way.  And, as evidenced by the reaction to this billboard, these feelings are increasingly marginalized and treated with such hostility that someone also felt the need to publicly declare these values.

“Oh, well, this is America.  If they project their opinions we have the right to do the same!”

Of course you have the right, but that doesn’t mean you are not assholes.  The shrieking, malicious harpies come almost exclusively from only one direction.  Did anyone catch the Women’s March?  What happened?  Were there a whole lot of anti-protests?  Maybe a few, but most people just shrugged and went about their daily lives–to the extent that they could, of course, since the whiny girls had to shut down entire cities to have their little cry-fest.

There’s a boogyman of sexism in this country.  These feminists are out there running around as if there is some army of men trying to keep them out of the workplace and these men must be shamed and shouted down wherever they are found.  Wake up, ladies, no one cares.  We’re all just sick of you shoving it our faces.  Just shut the fuck up and live your own life and go to work like an adult and quit worrying about what everyone thinks, like the lady in the video around 1:30 did (“I didn’t give it a second thought.”)  The rest of you?  Grow up.  It’s why I’ve said that at some level, most feminists complaints are really just women seeking validation from men.  An entire philosophy based on victimhood.  Insecure and immature.

Even if there was some secret army of sexists, guess what, girls?  Based on opinion polls, it would be half-full of women!  Many women, when its financially feasible, want to be stay-at-home moms.  It’s why most married women vote Republican.  I know most Republican politicians are dickheads, but the party as a whole is much closer to traditional values than the Democrats.  It’s like the abortion thing.  Sorry again, feminists, but half of women in America are pro-life.  That’s why it was such bullshit that you idiots held a “women’s” march but refused to allow any pro-lifers.  I guess that makes sense since the founding theorists of feminism said any woman who stayed at home with her kids was a traitor to her sex.  But it does make the rest of these tantrum-throwing girls hypocrites.


* I actually didn’t research it enough to see if there are in fact any white knights hanging around the feminists.  But there’s always white knight losers hanging around feminists (just the pretty ones, actually–how’s that for irony).

wonderfully mean scene from man seeking woman

Ugh. Biology is a tough, cruel, sadistic bitch. 

Just because it’s a comedy doesn’t make it any less true. It sucks, ladies, and I know it’s not fair. But you have to be realistic about things.

This idea that men and women have (but especially women) that their 20’s are for themselves is bogus.  I’ve said for a while that the most important thing a woman can do in her 20’s is find a good man. True happiness for both sexes comes from finding a good spouse but (again, sorry) a man’s time window is bigger.

Attention millennials: you want to be happy? Start with self-improvement and do it in this way: Men, ask yourselves what you’re doing to make yourself a better husband and father. Women, are you becoming a better wife and mother? What kinds of attributes do those things entail?  Here’s a hint: it has less to do with your job and hobbies and more to do with living as your grandparents did. Even if, for whatever reason, family and all that is delayed for you, the kind of person you will become if what I said above is your goal will make you more attractive to the opposite sex and more likely to succeed in dating and a relationship. Give it a try.

presenting “duke fans are nerds: an investigative analysis”

All we hear is how “wild” Duke fans are and how “intimidating” Cameron Indoor is.  I blame Dick Vitale for this.  God love him, for years he just couldn’t help himself from yelling, “Look at the fans!  Look at the Dookies!  It’s college basketball baby!!!”

But is this true?  Let’s find out together!

Uh, we’re off to a rocky start.  I bet frisbee golf with this crew this coming Saturday is gonna be dope.  Do you think anyone here knew what basketball was before their rich alumni parents made them attend Duke?


Right into the Terror Dome!  The belly of the beast.  Featuring four-eyes, flabby arms, and people who probably own adult coloring books.  I’m not a tough guy but I would not hesitate fight anyone in this pack, women included.  Unless their parents are lawyers… their parents are probably lawyers… retracted.

But do these fans bother the visiting players?  The giant athletes who stand mere inches from the Crazies?

This dude looks more confused than anything.  Like he’s surprised someone let the nerds out of the science lab.

“I bet no one here has ever held a basketball.”

In case you’re wondering, I included a .gif showing what fans who I might actually be intimidated by look like.  Coming to you from Auburn, frat bros filled with creatine, testosterone, and beer drank from a funnel:

Even the old man wants to go.

why i’m no longer a libertarian

These type of posts are so fun, right?  It seems everyone these days writes with an attitude that says, “I’m important.  Read what I have to say, not because it’s that informative, clever, or artistic, but simply because said it.  Me.”

Someday I too hope to avoid this attitude.  But this is my blog and you clicked on it.  And please, don’t leave.

What follows is a brief synopsis of my fundamental problems with Libertarianism.  More can and should be written, I am sure.  But since this is my lunch break… let’s go!

–Why I Am No Longer a Libertarian– 

I became a libertarian in college (doesn’t everyone?).  Like most people who were raised conservative, I had a basis of principles which came from my religion, the area I grew up in, and my natural pride in my country and heritage.  Mix in a little education (especially in basic economics) at a conservative school, a little independence, and a little dissatisfaction with the useless candidates and idiotic governance produced by the Democrat-Republican paradigm and voila, we have a little libertarian hell-raiser.

I voted for the candidates; read all the favorites: Rothbard, Von Mises, Ayn Rand, Cormac McCarthy, and Reason Magazine (to name a few); rocked the “Don’t Tread on Me” stickers; and told anyone who listened that we don’t need the government to build roads, run schools, provide healthcare, look after the poor, or even provide for the common defense.*  Simple solution.  Let the people’s self-interest collectively lead us to the optimal outcome.  Do you even First Fundamental Welfare Theorem bro?

However, the more experience I gained, the less convinced I became that Libertarianism can lead to optimal outcomes, or that its proponents even account for what we see in the real–rather than the theoretical–world.  It’s not that I became some believer in the government–far from it.  In fact, I still hold with libertarians on many things such as government regulations on businesses, land use, taxation, schooling, and foreign policy.  But a holistic philosophy for governing it is not.  It cannot produce what it claims: a free and functioning society.

After a few years of philosophical wandering and brooding annoyance with the Libertarian Party, I realized a blind spot in modern Libertarianism–that libertarians’ dogmatic adherence to the “free market” and the non-aggression principle needed a healthy dose of pragmatism.  This starts by noticing a few key things:

  • Unrestricted trade has been a disaster for the first-world working class.
  • Open borders are decimating the civil societies and the overall social cohesion of countries that neighbor each other. And no, this is not just a “third world into the first world” problem.  It’s an “everywhere” problem.
  • Free elections among our supposedly freedom-loving people have done little to preserve individual liberty. As a group, our people have not the industry nor the morality to do so.

Taken together, these points reveal the Achilles heel of Libertarianism.  That is, in the libertarian canon there is no accounting for the increasingly obvious conclusion that egalitarianism is a myth, a thing that works in theory but not in practice.  The current incantation of Libertarianism came from ivory-tower academics who, while they had the wisdom to reject Marxism, created a philosophy that still only gains adherents from among wealthy, insulated, and homogeneous people.  Not coincidentally, these people comprise the only populations for which Libertarianism may actually work.

For such populations, however, I’m not convinced democratic socialism wouldn’t work just as effectively.  Sweden seemed to be doing fine (economic growth rates notwithstanding**) until they dispensed with the whole “nation” thing and invited the world.

Perhaps now my Twitter bio makes a little more sense.  “Governing philosophy: pragmatism. High faith in individuals, low faith in groups.”  Individuals are fine when it comes to living in a proper society, but put them in a group and have them make decisions about governing said society… and not so much.  If it sounds like I’m down on democracy, perhaps I am.  But (remember, pragmatism) it’s what we have and it’s where the potential to clean up our nations lies.

There’s a reason Ann Coulter called libertarians pussies.  Too idealistic, too scholarly, too adverse to taking a cold hard look at the world.  Pragmatism is what they need.  As Joe Abercrombie once wrote, “You have to be realistic about things.”


* And for many of those things I still don’t believe we need the government.

** Of course, libertarians don’t trust the stats based on funny money, right?

another “los angeles sucks” article — choo choo all aboard the hate train

It really isn’t fair.  I write a blog trashing this wasteland of a city and since then everywhere I look I see nothing but validation.

First it was how expensive it is to drive a car on the narrow strips disjointed rock we call roads.  And it’s only getting worse.  Recently, after a bit of light rain, we were all surprised to learn that our roads are actually made out of fucking paper mache.  (And don’t try telling me it was a lot of rain; I’ve lived in the Midwest, South, and Northwest.)

And now, it’s this:


Oops, that’s one talking about the ever-increasing percentage of Angelenos who find their lives utterly unfulfilling and meaningless.

No, the article I meant to link was this one:

Traffic study ranks Los Angeles as world’s most clogged city

I mean, what can I say that my blood pressure and seething hatred for Eric Garcetti hasn’t already said?

Cue the music!