“Recycle, reduce, reuse and close the loop”

Please God, stop the green movement.  All I want is to be able to properly dry my hands in the bathroom, carry my groceries home from the store in an actual bag, and not have to look at the condescending smirk of all those Prius drivers.

Can’t I just have a regular light bulb and be left alone?  Can’t I just separate my aluminum from my cardboard and pretend I’m saving the planet?  Is this so unreasonable?

Can’t we just have new jobs that aren’t a political tool?  Can’t other nations develop proper industrialization without the  nations that once took advantage of them in order to industrialize looking down their 1st-world noses at them?

Stop it, greenies.  You’re not saving the planet, you’re just annoying me.  Quit deceiving yourselves into this pie-in-the-sky load of crap.  It’s the same level of reasoning skills that leads you people to think socialism is a good idea, proper legislation can fix any problem, Barack Obama so totally doesn’t take donations from corrupt Wall Street billionaires or conduct unilateral wars, and the Occupy Movement has a coherent philosophy.

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