Zoo-CLA (should I make a “see what I did there” joke? no? too late.)

I don’t know if this trend is occurring on other campuses, but if it is, it needs to stop.  Somewhere along the way, the “adults* who are in charge of children during the day when the parents are at work” decided it was a good idea to take them on a field trip to the local university.

In my unfortunate case, I have to deal with these brats all the time, including Saturdays and for some reason know only to God, Sundays.  I can understand high school seniors touring the campus to check out their futures.  These are not the kids I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the 10-year-olds that spend this vacation from learning disrupting the campus life of everyone else.  What’s the goal here?  Instill them with the erroneous thought that they must attend a four-year university in the future?  That’s not going to stick at any age under 17.

“But they have a right to come if they want,” I hear you say in your whiny social-justice voice.  “It’s a public institution.”  Yeah, but so is a landfill.  Take them there.  And by the way, elementary schools are public institutions, too, but I’m not allowed within 500 feet of one.  How is that fair?

OK, I’ll concede that UCLA is a public institution.  But it’s a university, not a damn zoo.  The buildings, students, and atmosphere are not there for the amusement of children.  Those things are there to educate and create a good environment for young adults and if you’re not contributing to either thing, stay the hell away.

But let’s just call this practice what it is: a vacation for the lazy child-tenders.  Yes, it may be a pain to herd them around the campus, but at least you didn’t have to make a lesson plan.  At least you don’t have to grade any homework assignments or write test questions based on this waste of a day.  At least it’s taxpayer’s or parent’s money paying for transportation.  At least you get a break from that soul-crushing public school classroom you spend every day of your life in (and by every day, I mean an average of 4 days a week for 7 months a year).

To those who think I’m an ass: Geez, how unreasonable is it for me, as a UCLA student, to ask for the ability to sit in the STUDENT lounge during a school day to eat and study without children yelling and running around the room?

*This is in quotes because these people come in all varieties.  Some are daycare providers, some are “teachers**”, all are babysitters.

**This is in quotes because these people are teachers in name only.  There is no teaching happening on these trips.

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