not the PC warrior we deserve but the PC warrior we need


Christ al-fucking-mighty.  This is who is covering sports these days.  Bruh, fuck outta my face with this.  It’s hard to find a tweet that better encapsulates the modern sports blogger – completely vanilla and self-serving (Barstool Sports calls them twitter eggs).

What infuriates me is that I know he is just patting himself on the back with a self-satisfied smirk for crafting such a witty response to all those “less-sophisticated” common folk who would dress up as Ray Rice for Halloween.  Let me clue this guy into something: none of white, middle-class nerds who read that shit you write are dressing up as Ray Rice.  Who the fuck are you writing this to?  Just a PSA?  Telling the world something it knows, that a Ray Rice costume is distasteful?  Completely narcissistic post from this guy.

Lest we forget, he wears think glasses and has a funny coffee mug.  And he has a full time job covering sports.  Just think about that: THIS guy has a job that pays him to give NORMAL DUDES sports news and opinions.  Fuck this guy.

Summing up this guy’s life:

1) has not played any sport of consequence his entire life (and yes, ultimate frisbee on the quad does not count)

2) would have NO ONE to talk to in a sports bar unless he brought his hipster friends

3) is the most boring person at happy hour, including the indian dude who wants to talk stocks

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