women getting cat-called in NYC and everyone is wrong about it: feminists and the normals

There is something about this video that EVERY person seems to be missing.  We’ll get to that in a sec.

Firstly, the feminists, as usual, don’t perceive reality correctly.  That’s a given.  So we can safely ignore them.

So then we turn to the backlash crowd for a response (the anti-feminists, whose side I am usually on).  And all I hear from that group is stuff along the lines of this:

“Most of those things were nice.”

“A lot of women would love to have people say stuff like that to them.”

“Give the guys a break, they’re just trying to be friendly.”

“Street people holla at everyone.”

I’ll admit, the last one has some weight.  This broad definitely cherry-picked what neighborhoods she went through and what types of people to put in the video.  And, as usual, the feminists are off their fucking rockers in trying to generalize this to all of NYC, all men, and all of society.  Chill out, ladies.

But what EVERYBODY else seems to be missing is this: most of these dudes are fucking creepy.  That’s it.  Listen up, anti-feminists: I get that you are sick of feminists and stunts like this.  I get that you are looking for ways to tear them down.  But how about you extend a fucking olive branch for once, disarm the humorless feminist girls, and just admit that the guys in this video are idiots.  Ya hear me?  Pick your battles.  This video isn’t the place to make your stand.  Almost every girl I know (normal ones, mostly) would be uncomfortable with every single line the guys use in this video.  And how about the guys who followed her for a while?  I mean, shit.  If I say something complimentary to a girl in any setting and she completely ignores me, I shut the fuck up, get slightly depressed,  and walk slowly home.  That’s what normal people do.  I don’t want to psychoanalyze too much, but there’s something disturbing about the guys who kept at her.  They know it bothers her, they know she wants to be left alone, and they keep on it.  They might even get off on her being creeped out.  Fuck those guys.

All that being said, the world would be better off (and these problems more likely to go away) if more women were like this:


As a last note, a decent pickup line to test if a chick has a sense of humor: “Can I tell you something?  Honestly?  If you walked around NYC for a while, I would probably cat-call you.”

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