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feminism = being for equal rights; wait, wut?

Here’s a new one: feminists and this bullshit where they define feminism as simply being “for equal rights.” God it’s irritating how feminists do that. “If you believe in equality for women you’re a feminist.” As if everyone that’s not … Continue reading

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Eleanor Roosevelt was dumb but not as dumb as people who quote her

“Small minds discuss people.  Average minds discuss events.  Great minds discuss ideas.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Thanks, Eleanor!  So I definitely have either a small, average, or great mind!  Who knew? I keep seeing this thing all over the place.  It’s one … Continue reading

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one man bandwagon

I’ve decided that I hate being the first one on a bandwagon.  Unless you can make money off it, there’s nothing you gain by having an idea before everyone else.  The whole time, everyone just treats you like a goddamn … Continue reading

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