feminism = being for equal rights; wait, wut?

Here’s a new one: feminists and this bullshit where they define feminism as simply being “for equal rights.”

God it’s irritating how feminists do that. “If you believe in equality for women you’re a feminist.” As if everyone that’s not a feminist is therefore a piece of shit because they must not be for equality. Forget that women are more than equal or that “feminism” translates into a bunch if asinine movements. Nope! If you’re for equal rights you’re a feminist.

Hey feminists, where you been?  Can women not vote where you’re from?  Do they not go to college?  Or own land?  For fuck’s sake things have changed.  And that equal pay stuff is a bunch of bullshit and has been thoroughly debunked.  Read a book sometime.

The problem with calling feminism simply being “for equal rights” is you’re essentially saying “every non-asshole should be a feminist.”  Then, you get to define every issue under the feminism umbrella on your terms with the implication being you’re a terrible person if you don’t agree.  You bully the other party by labeling instead of arguing.  Here’s another example: “women should have freedom of choice about their bodies (abortion).”  But really, there is a WIDE debate about what having choice concerning their body actually means but since feminists already defined themselves as non-assholes, then everyone who doesn’t tow the feminist line on the body-choice debate is therefore an asshole.  Most people are too stupid to understand this.  It’s like when a chick asks her husband for his opinion on something she’s already deadset on.  The debate is over – all she wants is agreement.  I’m tired of agreeing.  These people need to shut it.

Here’s the story: feminism had its time of importance and can still do important things.  But what it has devolved into is a bunch of complaining about imagined first world white girl problems.  How about you campaign for something useful like the women in Muslim countries who get acid thrown at them for wearing the wrong clothes, going to school, or marrying the wrong man?  No, you people would rather bitch about being called “bossy” and then call it equal rights.  Wonderful work, kids.

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