Fellowship is the best Lord of the Rings movie

Permit me a nerd rant:

Fellowship is the best movie of the LOTR trilogy. Get it right, people.

I hear people say stuff like, “Oh, I had to wait 2 years to find out what happens and a good movie shouldn’t leave me hanging like that.  It should have a better resolution.”  These are the same people who pick Return of the King as their favorite.  Well, morons, that movie picked up the middle of the story so by your logic, Return of the King fucking sucked, too.  When you are picking one movie out of a trilogy that’s meant to be viewed as a single whole, no shit one part is incomplete without the others.

But as a stand alone movie, in terms of character development, originality, intrigue, a plot with a fucking arc, and memorable moments, the Fellowship is the best of the three by a significant margin.

Fellowship is the only one I still will actually sit and watch.  The other ones are boring as fuck because I’m not a child anymore and so action is not enough to keep me happy.  I hear more of you simpletons out there saying shit like, “The fighting was so much cooler in Return of the King” or “I liked Helm’s Deep so Two Towers is my favorite.”  In both those I had to watch goblins or whatever swing fake swords at each other for like 45 minutes.  Christ almighty.

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