sports have reached the tipping point: there are too many fans

“Interesting” story about Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo.  It’s making the rounds on a lot of sports blogs today.

“Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo has total meltdown during practice”

“Mike Yeo goes bonkers at Wild practice, leaves ice (video)”

Watch if you care.  A coach goes on a passionate rant at his team.  Nothing out of the ordinary to anyone that has played a competitive team sport in his life.  Not an everyday occurrence, I admit, but certainly nothing enough to write a headline which includes the word “bonkers.”

This is how you know hockey (and all sports) has too many fans.  What do I mean by that?  Once a fan base of any sport get large enough, you end up having within your fanbase a bunch of geeks who have never played sports.  Fact is, there’s only so many cool sports guys in the world and once they’re used up (read: already are fans) and you want to market your sport to more people, who’s left?  The women and the nerds.

And these people don’t get it.  That’s why this is actual news.  A coach yelling at his lazy team in the same way thousands of coaches have yelled at their teams over the years.  This is a non-story.  But not only are people paying attention to it, but there will even be some who are legitimately upset by it.  This is why doing as little as giving the stink eye in the NBA is now a technical.  This is why everyone whines about hockey fighting.  Why a bunch of humorless losers got upset when the Sox yelled, “Hepatitis C you later!”  Why so many sportswriters (aka communications majors who failed to get on at a major newspaper) are such fucking sissies.  And this is why the NFL dumbs down their product to favor offenses and thus keep the casual fans more entertained.*

Go home, nerds.  Go back to your coffee shops and your folksy music.  Your podcasts and your blogs.  Buzzfeed articles, The Bachelor, young adult novels turned into movies, craft beer, board game nights, and every other stupid activity you’ll take well into your 30s.

*(Additionally, if you don’t think at least some of the crackdown on big hits in the NFL is from this rather than concern for head trauma, then think a little harder.)

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