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everyone’s on board the Morality Train! but why is Buzzfeed running the station?

:[[Note: the previously embedded video no longer works because it looks like a guide involved in the lion shooting filed a copy right claim.  I’m guessing Jimmy used some pictures that weren’t his.  Here’s a website that has the video … Continue reading

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let’s play who’s the dickhead here? (answer: the person who’s not me)

Here’s the situation: you’re in your car at the stoplight in the left turn only lane.  A motorcycle shows up off your front right bumper and gets in front of your car.  See the picture below.  You are the red … Continue reading

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look at this poor sumbitch

And the NY Post actually gave her an article.  Of course they did.  As a quick sidebar, I’m going to refer you to my About page.  Remember when I said I no longer claim Portland, Oregon as my hometown?  Yup, … Continue reading

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jury is still out on how wonderful this story is

It started with a simple tweet that caught my attention. ICYMI: Touching video of woman helping her dad, 84, walk along beach is the talk of the web. — CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) July 28, 2015 The video … Continue reading

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favorite moment of the weekend (besides shooting that child while paintballing)

It was like scratching an itch that’s been in a cast for 4 months.  Like when Andy in Parks and Rec finally got his leg cast off.* After losing Game 2 of the series in the most infuriating fashion, to … Continue reading

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