The Machine doing what we pay him to do

Reposted in light of the fact that while the Halos are not quite running on all cylinders, they are close.

I think the offense is just about where you realistically hope the resting rate will be.  Yes, they can catch fire like they did last August-September but if we remember, fires can flame out and that offense went ice cold right before the playoffs.  This is where you want to maintain.  And they can realistically keep going right here.  Albert and Trout lead the way and other guys pitch in where they can.*

Batting WAR – Rank in American League (via Baseball-Reference)

  • Mike Trout – #1
  • Albert Pujols – #17
  • Kole Calhoun – #29
  • Erick Aybar – #38

Now the pitching staff still has another level it can hit.  Everyone is obviously excited about Heaney but there’s more to come from everybody on the staff.  Richards was solid again yesterday despite the L (off just a few bad pitches).

But I just get such a kick out of watching Albert at the plate.  Such a pro.  If a younger player grinned like that after a bad call you’d say, “What an asshole.”  But when it’s Albert, you just laugh.

*That hurts losing Mr. Freese and I’m not too optimistic about Conor Gillaspie but hopefully we can limp through the DL stint.

P.S. Looking forward to hearing fans boo the ever-loving fuck out of Josh I-did-no-wrong Hamilton tonight

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