jury is still out on how wonderful this story is

It started with a simple tweet that caught my attention.

The video itself is inspiring, I’ll admit, and there are some larger societal implications along with it that   When, however, are we going to reach the tipping point?  When are we going to decide that every damn thing that means something doesn’t need to be recorded or photographed?  Photography is art — not a substitute for your undisciplined shitty memory.

The only thing that prevented me from calling the guy who posted this video, Fred Chaparli, a self-important asshole is that he claims that he asked for permission.  He could have been lying, but after reading the story, his story seems plausible.

Now on their Facebook page, however, CBS LA has decided to ask everyone to find the who these people are so they can, ahem, get more pageviews inspiration from the pair.

How about this: How about we quit crowd-sourcing videos and photos so we can pry into people’s lives? If they wanted this out there, they would do it themselves.  And now that I think about it, do you think these people knew he was going to put it on the internet?  Even if they did, should he have?  I say no.  He’s just furthering the madness and it’s got to stop.  Dear God, it’s got to stop.

Remember this story about the Eiffel Tower wedding proposal?  When it seemed like the entire internet was trying to track down the couple in some voyeur’s spy-pic?*  Hey, guess what, assholes?  Turns out the couple didn’t want their privacy violated and wished the internet had minded its own business.

You know what?  Fuck this story on CBS LA and fuck Fred Chaparli.  I’m sick of this shit.  You see something inspirational?  Then write it down.  Tell a few friends in a quiet moment.  Cherish the memory yourself.  Write a poem.  Sing a song.  Share it as a status update or whatever if you must (sans picture/video).  I don’t care.  But let’s tone it down with treating strangers like props in your own personal digital scrapbook, trying to tell the story of your otherwise uninteresting and uninspiring life.


*Journalistic integrity time: the photographer wasn’t really a voyeur.

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