everyone’s on board the Morality Train! but why is Buzzfeed running the station?

:[[Note: the previously embedded video no longer works because it looks like a guide involved in the lion shooting filed a copy right claim.  I’m guessing Jimmy used some pictures that weren’t his.  Here’s a website that has the video from Kimmel’s show.]]

This reminds me of the Brit McHenry thing.  And I think I had a response at the time that summed that up fairly well:

Untitled picture

Really though, I’m late to the party this time.  I tried to write something a couple of days ago but the more I read about it the more irritated I got until I didn’t feel like writing anything.  At this point, almost everything worth writing has been written.  The dentist-hating warriors (those anti-dentites!) are having their say (see the comments here) and now the way is cleared for  the “rouge thinkers” to push-back.

What’s my position on this whole situation?  Well, to be honest, I haven’t lost too much sleep over it.  Or over the plight of the tigers (my response).  On the flip side, I haven’t lost too much sleep over the firestorm this dentist is facing, either.  Here’s a sad truth: our society has become one big toilet bowl and it’s in a long-term flush.  What’s one more turd in the bucket?

I’ll single out Buzzfeed, though, before I lose absolutely everyone’s attention.  Them people’s some sons of bitches.  They may not have been the patient-zero of this whole shitstorm but they certainly threw the infected guy into the crowded airport terminal.  They are that first ship carrying the Black Plague rats into Europe.

Buzzfeed is mindless and useless, but I don’t need to tell you that.  Literally everyone who knows about Buzzfeed knows that.  Now however, they have also expanded into melodrama, vigilantism, and sanctimony.  And they are so fucking full of shit.

Buzzfeed made all of its money by ripping off other people’s content for clicks (read: ad money) — never actually producing anything of their own.  They used that dirty money to create their own content like videos and real news stories and so now they think their shit doesn’t stink.  They’re now “legitimate” and are therefore perfectly justified in leading the charge against people like this lion-hunter.

Maybe this dentist asshole deserves what he gets; I don’t know and I don’t care.  But fuck Buzzfeed for acting like they are the holy crusaders of the internet.  What kills me the most is they know exactly what effect their headlines have, and they don’t care.  They operate on headlines and clicks — it’s their bread and butter — so they know what kind of hell they can unleash with shit like this and how they can ruin lives because none of the morons that follow them will give it a second thought before attacking.  They just read the headline and GO.  I know this story probably would have broken the way it did without Buzzfeed, but I believe Buzzfeed’s only motive in this was to be at the front of the line, regardless of outcome, regardless of right or wrong, regardless of responsibility.  Does it make them any more reprehensible than anyone else these days?  Probably not.  But it does make them hypocrites, which is perhaps the worst charge I’ve leveled against them so far.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you share a Buzzfeed article, I legitimately don’t want to be internet friends with you.  Or real friends, for that matter.


* * * * *

Here’s a little extra watching for those of you that are curious. One’s a great podcast where Joe Rogan interviews a world-famous hunter who won the right to kill an African black rhino. Interestingly enough, even the CNN guys who went on the hunt just to report the facts caught a lot of hate. I started it at the part where they’re talking about how people over here have no idea about local circumstances but try to impose their own definition of morality. But the entire podcast is worth your time if you actually care about objectivity.

Joe Rogan Experience

Fox News on Cecil the Lion and lions being raised for hunting purposes.

What’s really going on with African animals

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