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wait so its OK to be religious if you support the right candidate?

the religious guy who supports Bernie Read this article but skip the parts where he supports Bernie.  This is exactly the type of religious person modern society (mostly it’s liberals — sorry guys but it’s true) love to mock.  Who … Continue reading

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foster mom calls everyone who’s pro life a hypocrite if they oppose welfare

Original blog from foster mother We’re still waiting on the judge to rule whether this blogger / mother / foster parent is a well-intentioned moron or a pompous asshat. Since she is a foster parent and mother with a bunch … Continue reading

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vin diesel’s at it again

I have a confession to make: I like every single Vin Diesel movie unironically.  I was all-in on the Fast movies before it became a thing to love them (for example, #1 is legitimately my favorite).  I’ve seen Chronicles of … Continue reading

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another open letter. good lord.

An Open Letter to Joy Behar (yes, fucking Joy Behar, one of the bitches on that goddamn awful all-female talkfest The View that no one gives a shit about until one of the harpies screams something that people can self-indulgently write … Continue reading

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today’s problem: people who speed and then act like Boy Scouts at a 4-way

I take a backroad home from work that winds through a residential area.  I’m sure the amount of traffic on this road infuriates the people that live there to no end, buuuut you probably should have thought of that before … Continue reading

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