dipping = bad but alcohol = ok

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to direct the city attorney to draft an ordinance that will ban smokeless tobacco from stadiums, fields and other sports venues.

“That would include our public parks, our public school facilities, our private school facilities, Dodger Stadium, Staples arena, wherever organized sports  are played, smokeless tobacco will not be allowed,” Councilman Jose Huizar said.

The Los Angeles Dodgers issued a statement expressing their support for the ban. “Major League Baseball has long supported a ban of smokeless tobacco at the Major League level and the Los Angeles Dodgers fully support the Los Angeles city tobacco ordinance and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids,” the statement said.

“Smokeless tobacco is the agent of a contagious disease,” said former Los Angeles County Health director Dr. Jonathan Fielding. “It is not a mosquito flying around here that’s going to cause a disease. This is done through the eyes, through the eyes of children looking at their heroes.” he said.


Don’t get confused because what’s happening here is this: a bunch of moralists decided chewing tobacco is icky and sends a bad message so they must stop it wherever they can find it.  What’s next?  Cursing?  Who says personal beliefs don’t belong in the public square of legislation?  I guess that only applies to people whose personal beliefs come from a religion.  Especially if that religion is Christianity.  Because then it’s, “GTFO with your phsychobable beliefs from your white bearded man in the clouds!  We govern our country with logic and reason, not fairy tales!”

Literal laugh out loud quote from “Dr.” Jonathan Fielding.  The disease is done “through the eyes of children.”  Hey man, I wasn’t bamboozled as a kid into smoking or chewing or tattoos.  It wasn’t until I was a full-grown adult man that I realized that tobacco and tats are cool as fuck.  The cruel joke is that as a kid I was too big of pussy to do those things but now as a grown-up, I’m not dumb enough to do them.  Not doing more stupid shit as a kid is an everyday regret of mine.

And yeah, ball players in the dugout ruin kids lives.  Not the thousands of fans sitting next to the kids who get drunk off their asses every night.  No move to ban alcohol?  OK then.

Sorry, I should be thanking God we have people like Mr. Fielding and Councilman Jose Huizar to make sure people are eating the right things and presenting the right image to our poor impressionable children.

P.S.  As long as we’re banning things at ballparks, can we add Dodger Dogs to the list?  For that team to stop dipping but accept those carcinogens is the height of hypocrisy.

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