today’s problem: people who speed and then act like Boy Scouts at a 4-way

I take a backroad home from work that winds through a residential area.  I’m sure the amount of traffic on this road infuriates the people that live there to no end, buuuut you probably should have thought of that before you bought a house on a cut-through street right next to a major business area.

But that isn’t the point of today’s lesson.  This backstreet has a 35 MPH limit and is loaded with 4-way stops with almost no traffic on the cross streets.  The problem is the idiots who decide to floor it every chance they get and reach up to 50 MPH between stop signs and then all of a sudden decide to be goddamn Boy Scouts at each stop sign.  They stop, count to 3 like they’re in fucking driver’s ed, look both ways… and then fucking floor it to the next stop sign.

Guys, grow up.  Either drive fast and roll the stop sign like an adult, or obey all the laws.  If you’re too dumb to assess the cross traffic at a 4-way stop without coming to a stop and counting to 3, then you certainly don’t have the reflexes or mental ability to drive over 35 through the residential area without being a hazard to everyone else.


P.S.  On a personal level, I have more 10x more respect for the guy that follows the 35 MPH and then rolls the stop sign than the other way around.  Listen, you roll a stop sign because you have a brain and can see there are no other cars or pedestrians at the 4-way stop.  You keep it at 35 when winding through the neighborhood because there are kids, bikes, double-parked cars, joggers, and other things that could randomly come into your path that you cannot physically avoid once your speed exceeds a certain rate.  And speaking for the residents, I much prefer cars going slow and rolling stop signs in my neighborhood than having to deal with the dickheads who drive too fast.

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