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wait so its OK to be religious if you support the right candidate?

September 22, 2015

the religious guy who supports Bernie

Read this article but skip the parts where he supports Bernie.  This is exactly the type of religious person modern society (mostly it’s liberals — sorry guys but it’s true) love to mock.  Who told you to support Bernie, my man? Your magical friend in the sky?  Read a book sometime.  Ever heard of science, you fool?

Libs hold up religious people that support them like Republicans hold up minorities. Like they found a fucking unicorn.  If this guy didn’t support Bernie he’d be just another religious nut job bringing his mystical beliefs to the public square.  And morons put it on Facebook and then lecture Christians about how they’ve misread the Bible.  These are the same people who would never tell any other religion they’ve misunderstood their own scripture but always do it to Christians. They are all so fucking full of shit.


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