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Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter

Don’t overthink it.  If you liked the trailer, see the movie.  Delivers exactly everything you want it to.

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Movie Review: Back to the Future Triology

First one is a perfect movie.  Not a single thing to change that could improve it.  Accomplishes everything it sets out to do.  I can’t think of a single movie that is more fun this one. Second two rehash jokes … Continue reading

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McDonald’s breakfast and old guys at the diner

I’m no advertising expert, but I once had an idea for a blog in which I would review commercials. I may still do it. I have an opinion on every commercial both from the standpoint of a mindless consumer who … Continue reading

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not a good look for Colin Cowherd in the man department

  Let’s run this back.  Colin… Is bad with directions Shops at Lowe’s instead of Home Depot Watches Red Zone * Complains about not having the little yellow first down line (Hey bro, you ever see that giant fucking marker … Continue reading

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“Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” except for me

My favorite line was, “Fat is not a bad word… it’s an adjective.  It’s a benign descriptor of size.  Saying, ‘I’m fat’ is and should be like saying, ‘my shoes are black,’ ‘the clouds are fluffy,’ and ‘Bob Saget is … Continue reading

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