fan fight at Mexico v. USA soccer game

Amazing fight.  That game is always a high voltage scene and I have to admit there’s always a part of me that worries this game will devolve into some kind of “my country is better than your country” (not teams but countries) and fights will happen between teams fan bases.  And then the people who get all their pageviews and attention from taking about race and racism will have more material and everything will be awful.

Buuuuut, always remember: it seems like the majority of these fight videos are moronic fans fighting people from their own fan base.  That’s what we have here and it’s a doozy.

I’m not going to do a full breakdown but I have to give out my awards.

First place to this guy:


To film that fight with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, knowing that people would post it and be all, “HAHAHA look at that guy smiling while the world burns!”  What a fucking dickhead.  I love it.

Second place goes to this little guy in the white t-shirt who took on the much bigger dude:


What do you call those motions he was making with his arms?  An overhand slap?  I think they were supposed to be punches and maybe you could say the left he opened with was a punch of some kind.  But it immediately turned into full blown chick fighting.  Just flailing his arms as fast as he could hoping to overwhelm the MUCH bigger guy.  However, the reaction from the big dude was the same reaction you have when a chick unexpectedly starts hitting you.  Confusion meets annoyance.  The caveman fight instinct barely registers.

Third place comes at about 18 seconds in to the homie yelling, “Worldstar!  Worldstar!”  Call me racist or whatever but I fucking lost it when I heard “worldstar” being yelled with a Mexican accent.

BTW, it was a great game and a hell of a strike from that Mexican forward to win in extra time.

Carry on, Mexican fans and enjoy the victory.

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