is the secret finally out on Los Angeles as a sports town?

I’ve lived here for a few years.  I’ve gone to college football games, college basketball games, NBA regular season and playoff games, and many baseball games.  The evidence is overwhelming: Los Angeles is a terrible sports city.  Watch any nationally televised game featuring LA fans and you’ll see.  While there’s no beating Miami fans as far as most pathetic, LA is in serious contention for 2nd place.

Everyone has this idea that this city is full of sycophants who care more about how good they look and what celebrities are up to than anything else.  And you know what?  They might be right.  The Kiss Cam dominates everyone’s attention at the games.  People arrive late.  People leave early.  No one is really passionate about anything.  Everyone just sits on their phones and thinks about where they are going after the game.

Favorite take on Mets-Dodgers Game 5:


Is the NFL serious with wanting two teams here?  Don’t make me chortle.


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