are we just going to pretend that alex morgan is some kind of freak athlete?

Alex Morgan doing some kind of cone drills and we’re supposed to be impressed.


Let’s all just stop pretending we’re watching some kind of superior athletes when we watch women’s sports.  There’s a lot of reasons to like women’s sports, but displays of freak athleticism is not one of them.

That video is fucking boring.  She’s slow as hell.  This is the best striker in the women’s game and there are literally thousands of high school males who could turn in better times and harder strikes in that same drill.

I’m don’t mean to do a “men are better athletes than women” thing.  That’s not what this is about.  I’m saying quit putting up a video of a woman running through cones and expecting us to be impressed.  Quit acting like these women are dudes.  They’re not.  And it’s OK that they’re not.

Hey I like women’s soccer.  I used to go to my friends’ high school games, went to BYU games, played coed intramurals, and go out of my way to watch our national team (e.g., skipping work or church).  It’s competitive and entertaining.

But not exceptionally athletic.


P.S. Yes, people, I understand how marketing works that she’s simply selling a product, mostly to other women.  But that doesn’t explain why this video keeps getting shared by sports fans who aren’t buying the product.

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