amy schumer v. patrice o’neal fans

HAD to write about this.  I literally have a small Patrice O’Neal poster on my wall and have heard more of his comedy than the vast majority of comedy fans.

I agree with Jim Norton.  No harm and no foul.  And while taking on Amy Schumer is not easy to do these days since she has the support of the mainstream, Norton is being totally genuine in his support here, not just being unwilling to go against Schumer.   Jimmy was one of Patrice’s best friends and even though his temperament has probably cooled since he’s become more famous and less of a deviant in his personal life, I trust him to defend Patrice against joke thieves if he thought it was necessary.

Patrice also got along well with Amy.  Enough that she participated in the Black Philip show a couple times.  True, he was pissed about how she treated him at the Charlie Sheen roast but he had quite an ego and got in plenty of fights with his friends.

Jimmy is overstating how funny Patrice thought Amy was.  I’m guessing it more like, “funny for a female” or something like that.  Especially since, you know, Amy really isn’t that funny.

Of course, if he read this, Norton would probably just tell me I didn’t know what the fuck I am talking about since I don’t know any of these people personally.  But I’m giving the perspective from a hard-core Patrice fan; so there’s something to be gained just from that.

Again, to my ears, Amy just told a similar joke that wasn’t as funny.  All these Internet “gotcha” people need to go back to their shanties and let everyone else get back to work.  They are worse than all those political fact-checkers.

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