kia participation trophy commercial analysis

Watching the Colts-Pats game tonight but I had to pause it and write about this. First time I’ve seen this commercial and it had me laughing:

A couple thoughts:

1) Love the tough guys pumping their fists to this commercial.  This is the modern sign of manliness.  We don’t have much semblance of real masculinity anymore so guys compensate by flexing their muscles about participation trophies.  Also LOVE the dickhead right wingers who make this out to be a victory against those libs and their participation trophies.  Literally the first 3 Google results for “car commercial participation trophy” were these:

  1. Awesome Kia commercials slap down liberal ‘participation trophy’ mindset and people love it!!
  2. WATCH: This Car Company Just Released An Ad That Slams PC Libs In A Way That’s Taking The Internet By Storm
  3. Kia ad smacks down participation trophy for kids; conservatives LOVE it

We get it guys.  Liberals are pussies.  Here’s something for you, though: I had participation trophies well into middle school.  One year, my soccer team demolished every team in our league and we were given participation trophies.  We did not give two shits.  We knew we were the best.  We knew we beat everyone else.  We didn’t need a first place trophy.  And somehow, I think that makes our team of 12-year-olds more mature that you full grown adults.

2) There’s still good reason to love this commercial.  The fact is participation trophies probably have gone to far.  I don’t think it’s a major issue or a sign of the liberal-socialist-commie-facist agenda, but there are probably too many of them.  And I do think that it’s probably un-PC to make fun of them.  Sure, conservatives have been making fun of them for awhile, but it’s something the mainstream will only allude to or mildly joke about — not outright ridicule like this.  To see a major car company, in the most-watched NFL game of the week (and probably the highest-rated television show of the week), run an ad making fun of this culture… it did my heart good.  Car companies are not in the business of potentially offending someone this overtly.  Sure, it’s not that big of risk making fun of these trophies, but it’s still nice to see that the pendulum actually does swing back eventually.

Or maybe TrumpFever is catching on?  No?


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