daniel murphy postseason résumé

I couldn’t find a list of the pitchers Daniel Murphy has gone deep on all in one place so I made a list myself along with their résumés.


Daniel Murphy plays 2nd base for the Mets.  In the regular season this year he had a total of 14 home runs (played in 130 games).  He’s now hit 7 home runs in 9 postseason games, including a postseason-record-breaking 6 games in a row with a home run.

And it’s not like he’s going deep on bum pitchers.  Here’s the pitchers he’s homered off:
  1. Clayton Kershaw (twice) – 3x Cy Young Award winner, triple-crown winner, 2x National League Wins leader, 3x National League strikeout leader, 4x National League ERA leader
  2. Zack Greinke – 2009 Cy Young winner, 2x MLB ERA leader (2009, 2015), might by this year’s Cy Young winner
  3. Jake Arrieta – 2015 National League wins leader, going into the playoffs he had the greatest 4 or 5 month stretch in all of baseball history for a pitcher’s era. he had only given up like 3 runs in 15 games. the only loss he had came when the other pitcher threw a no-hitter and Arrieta lost 1-0.
  4. John Lester – 3x Allstar, 2x World Series champ, pitched a no-hitter a few years ago
  5. Kyle Hendricks – not very good starting pitcher for the Cubs
  6. Fernando Rodney – Cubs closer, Saves leader in 2014, 2x Allstar


So 5 of the homers are off the Aces and 1 against a terrific closer.  It’s dumbfounding to watch.


Here’s some videos that are pretty cool:




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