not a good look for Colin Cowherd in the man department


Let’s run this back.  Colin…

  • Is bad with directions
  • Shops at Lowe’s instead of Home Depot
  • Watches Red Zone *
  • Complains about not having the little yellow first down line
    • (Hey bro, you ever see that giant fucking marker the linesman is holding?  The quarterback doesn’t have the magic blue line of scrimmage indicator either but he manages.  And he’s actually playing, not sitting in the crowd on his phone.)
  • Is scared of fan fights which are awesome


-signed a tough guy projecting his insecurities


But yeah, he’s right about staying home instead of going out.  And he’s right about how the other options in LA make going to NFL games a terrible idea.  Of course, there’s a similar logic to attending games in Green Bay.  “Hey do you want to come with me and stand in 20-degree wind, lose our voices, and eat/drink the most expensive but shitty stuff in the city?  I mean, I guess the other option is to order wings and sit in a warm house and watch the big screen.  But that’s crazy, right?”  The main point is what Colin forgets to mention.  That is, LA is a terrible fucking sports town.


P.S.  Hey Kristine Leahy, I drive a pickup truck and buy power tools at Home Depot for fun.  Call me.


* Red Zone sucks.  It’s for simpletons who prefer highlights to actual games.  And fantasy football losers.  But you still need it for games that are out of market and go into overtime or a 2-minute offense.

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