uber driver who got smacked around is coming back for blood

via CNN

Uber passenger Benjamin Golden, 32, allegedly assaulted driver Edward Caban last month after Caban told him to get out of his car because he was drunk.

Before he got out of the car, Golden unleashed blows on the driver and appeared to try to bash his head through a window. Caban said he pepper-sprayed the passenger to end the attack.

Golden admitted he has intoxicated during the incident, and said he cannot believe he acted in such a violent manner.

“It’s not me in the video,” he told CNN affiliate KCAL of the October 30 attack. “It was hard to watch. I’m ashamed.”

He said his behavior is inexcusable, and apologized to Caban, saying he would like to express his remorse in person.

Shortly after the video came to light, Golden was fired from his job as a Taco Bell executive. He said he is getting help from a counselor.

“Everything’s fallen apart, and it’s my own doing,” he told the affiliate.

Caban is also receiving counseling following the attack, and is moving from California to be closer to his family, his attorney Rivers J. Morrel III said. He declined to say where he is moving.

“The trauma of the assault has affected his ability to sleep at night and focus on tasks during the day,” Morrel said. “Mr. Caban has filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. Golden, and will continue to pursue all legal remedies available under California law.”


Here’s the original news story:


Good lord, how soft has everyone gotten?  You got a couple swats on the head and then had to go in for counseling?  Relocating from California like there’s an abusive spouse after you?  Please.  If my Uber driver can’t handle a few slaps, I don’t want to get in his car, because people that can’t take a punch are also going to drive their car like a bitch.  And in Los Angeles, you better have your head on swivel.  I’ll stick with riding in some old Arab’s car, thanks.  I’ve seen those guys when they get angry.  They’ll die for their car.  These little pansy-ass millennials can go find another passenger.

Everyone understands that the attacker, Golden, is a scumbag.  The worst kind of drunk is the guy who gets belligerent, insults you, and then wants to fight you.  If you are that kind of drunk, guess what?  You’re an asshole when sober, too.

However, maybe I’m getting soft, but how much punishment does this guy need?  He got fired, he faces criminal charges, and he’s going to have one hell of a time finding a new job.  Now maybe he’s lying and exaggerating how bad his life as been since then but gee, wouldn’t this world be a little better of a place if we took people at their word more often?

At some point we’re going to have to be humans again and learn to forgive people.  If a guy sucker-punched me and then comes back, hat in hand, having been fired and publicly shamed, and begs for my forgiveness, I’m going to forgive him.  100%.  Shake his hand and move on.

The justice system is fucked up.  To go on the attack against someone via the courts and put them at the law’s mercy is no simple manner.  This guy’s life is going to be pretty hard going forward but you’re about to burn his land, kill his family, and salt the soil.  Over what?  Your hurt pride and a couple bruises?  That type of escalation is mob-level shit.  Like you didn’t pay your bookie and so he burns your house down.  You’re like, “Cripes, man, I get that I wronged you, but that’s a bit excessive.”

Golden should pay 100% of any actual pain he caused.  Medical bills, car damage, etc.  Make recompense.  But Mr. Uber Driver should grow some balls get over the “trama” bullshit instead of lashing out at this guy as if he’s everyone who was ever mean to him when he was a child.

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