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mr harm, do you ever get tired of being right?

No.  No I do not. A Harvard psychiatrist says 3 things are the secret to real happiness The researchers surveyed the men about their lives (including the quality of their marriages, job satisfaction, and social activities) every two years and … Continue reading

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feminists ruin Star Wars. thanks girls

This is a brief and targeted review for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.  It should go without saying that this review contains SPOILERS but, really, grow up, people.  With rare exceptions, you shouldn’t care about spoilers.  If a movie … Continue reading

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commercial review: sears home appliances

  Great commercial because it’s funny and true.  Sure, it might be a bit exaggerated, but that’s kind of how humor works.  Earlier today I said I wanted to kill a character in a commercial.  Hyperbole is funny, kids. What … Continue reading

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commercial reviews, featuring uniformed opinions

Rule for all families with young children: the father picks the team of the children.  Exceptions are below. The mother is much more passionate about the particular sport.  For example, if Dad doesn’t have an NFL team or isn’t very … Continue reading

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why does everyone care about Star Wars?

More specifically, why do adults care about Star Wars?  And when I say “care” about Star Wars, I mean they CARE about Star Wars.  Check this picture out.  Not the children.  The grown-ass men next to them.   There are way too … Continue reading

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