guys don’t care if their girl likes sports

Woman teaches other women how to pretend to like sports.

Usually I copy text from the article and respond, but there’s no need to do that here.  The point is this: some woman thinks that she’ll expand her dating pool if she pretends to like sports.  She offers this up as useful advice for other women looking to date more.

Let me fix this for you, darling.  You previously had a small dating pool because you were a stuck-up bitch who thought guys who liked sports were dim-witted knuckle-draggers.  Congratulations on learning the foolishness of that philosophy but it was not necessary for you to learn about the Seahawks and Russell Wilson in order to do so.

Guys don’t care if you like sports.  Guys don’t like talking sports with women.  We have male friends for that.  It’s part of the “bro-culture” that you women are obsessed with understanding. *  All we want is for you to not nag us when we watch sports.  That’s it.  If you’re into sports, that’s fine, but please don’t pretend.  In fact there are few things easier to sniff out than someone who is only pretending to be into sports and few things are worse than a chick who is pretending.

You know I don’t care about your day or your diet or your family but you want me to listen to you.  That’s fine.  It’s part of being in a relationship.  Just like you not bothering me for doing the things that I enjoy.


* Seriously, you ever around some girls and the topic of “guy code” comes up?  Chicks can’t get enough of it.  This is part of the reason How I Met Your Mother was so popular.  Sorry, girls, this idea of “guy-code” is bullshit.  Sure, men tend to have a mutual understanding that’s part of being an adult and part of being male, but really, it’s mostly about being mature.  There’s no unwritten “code” for how to be a normal-ass dude with normal-ass friends.  Guys that actually need stuff like this explained to them are losers who need to spend more time in sports or at bars.

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