Jason Day, his wife, and LeBron


I would like to say that had I been in Jason Day’s position, I would have stood up as LeBron headed towards me and pulled him into me and away from my wife.  Or at least given him a nice stiff arm to redirect him into the chick sitting next to my wife.  Or even do anything other than cower away to protect myself.  But I can’t say that.  It’s a bang-bang play and when you’re an unatheletic golfer who is not really paying too close of attention, you get what you get.


And you know what?  He was right to protect himself.  Dude has made $27 million during his career.  What exactly is that poor family going to do if he gets hurt?  Is wifey going to lace ’em up and bring home some bread?


Take one for the team, sweetheart, and then have hubby buy you a new car for Christmas to drive to weeks of physical therapy.

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One Response to Jason Day, his wife, and LeBron

  1. wjrauscher says:

    I am astounded as to how this actually happened. I hope that Jason’s wife is going to end up with no injuries.

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