commercial review: sears home appliances


Great commercial because it’s funny and true.  Sure, it might be a bit exaggerated, but that’s kind of how humor works.  Earlier today I said I wanted to kill a character in a commercial.  Hyperbole is funny, kids.

What I especially like about this commercial is I think both sexes can look at it and say, “That’s right, you idiot,” to the other sex.  A minor disagreement ends with the woman getting emotional, overreacting, and storming out.  But hold on, let’s be fair.  Maybe if her idiot man didn’t take that patronizing tone with her like he does every time he thinks she’s wrong.  A little respect goes a long way, dude.  Of course, what she thinks was patronizing was just him trying to calm her down to avoid fighting in front of guests.  But it takes two to tango, he could have just let it go rather than trying to marginalize and correct her in front of others.

See?  How great is that?  A tiny little battle of the sexes.  It even ended with the other guy doing the “women, right bro?” comment (which most guys will side with) followed by the other girl rightfully getting mad at him with the “don’t you throw me under the bus just so you can look cool in front of the other guy.”

Well done, whoever Sears hired to make this.


Edit: It’s honestly not that great of commercial and is pretty easily forgotten.  Buuut it does what it needs to do and appeals to everyone without being boring.  That’s why I like it.

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