mr harm, do you ever get tired of being right?

No.  No I do not.

A Harvard psychiatrist says 3 things are the secret to real happiness

The researchers surveyed the men about their lives (including the quality of their marriages, job satisfaction, and social activities) every two years and monitored their physical health (including chest X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, and echocardiograms) every five years.

They came away with one major finding: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

In his TED Talk, Waldinger pointed out three key lessons about happiness:

1. Close relationships

2. Quality (not quanity) of relationships

3. Stable, supportive marriages


When I wrote on this subject in my brilliant piece “a happiness pep talk for generation y” I said the following:

[A]ccording to biology, family is the only thing that should matter to you. To the extent that Millennials continue to deny this biological purpose, they will continue to feel unfulfilled. Their bodies and minds know deep down what they need to be doing.

In short, happiness is found in fulfilling your purpose for existence. In less abstract terms, happiness is in family and faith.

In our rush to usher in a new age of gender roles and family redefinitions, we made the fatal error of assuming that there was nothing worthwhile in tradition.


Sooner or later everyone will also get the memo that belief in things matters, too.  They’ll catch up to me (and all other insightful religious people) in knowing that faith brings you more happiness.

Until then, I will continue to just live my life, happily wrapped in a self-made blanket of wisdom, righteousness, and arrogance.

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