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commercial review: ads that just can’t help themselves when given a chance to mock men

Clash of Clans just had to do it, didn’t they? First of all, of course the boy is too stupid to play his game without his sister’s help.  And of course boys are naturally such sexists that they will always … Continue reading

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#OregonUnderAttack and Mormons

Something about states’ rights.  Federal overreach.  2nd Amendment.  Protesters and such. Don’t caaare. But I do care a little bit when the protesters are citing Mormonism. The family behind the Oregon militia cites Mormon beliefs for armed conflicts with the … Continue reading

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what’s the huge deal with Al Jazeera?

This Peyton Manning story about steroids breaks and all of a sudden everyone has an opinion about Al Jazeera with many people discrediting it as a “legitimate” news source.  What exactly does that mean?  No journalists work there?  It has some … Continue reading

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clarifications on my Star Wars VII review

Based on mixed reactions towards my brilliant review of The Force Awakens, the strong assertions I made were hard for some people to hear.  Most of this comes from my saying that these type of movies are less compelling when there is … Continue reading

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commercial review: progressive belittles the 1950’s

  I think I got it.  The 1950’s were… bad?  Okay.  Thanks.  You can stop now with the girl power commercials. The line she says towards the end sums it up best: “Is this guy for real?” No, darling, he’s … Continue reading

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