commercial review: progressive belittles the 1950’s


I think I got it.  The 1950’s were… bad?  Okay.  Thanks.  You can stop now with the girl power commercials.

The line she says towards the end sums it up best: “Is this guy for real?”

No, darling, he’s not for real.  He’s quite literally not real.  He was created solely for this commercial to be a punching bag for easy jokes about the 1950’s.

How is it that we have not gotten over 1950’s?  Every time women’s rights comes up we have to make comparisons to the 50’s.  Every time someone wants to make a joke about the strange ways of our parents, they bring up the 50’s.  As if each year since the 50’s has been a step up a staircase made of rainbows and sunshine on our way to utopia.  I wasn’t around, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t too bad back then and that people besides white male breadwinners enjoyed their lives.

And what is it with insurance firms trying to co-opt the women’s rights movements with cheap tricks in order to sell insurance?  Remember the condescending Allstate commercial?  (I think two examples is enough to make a broad generalization about insurance companies.)

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