clarifications on my Star Wars VII review

Based on mixed reactions towards my brilliant review of The Force Awakens, the strong assertions I made were hard for some people to hear.  Most of this comes from my saying that these type of movies are less compelling when there is a female lead.


In the original I review I said the following:

There were attempts in the new movie to follow [the Hero’s Journey] structure, but it failed for three major reasons:

  1. It felt like it an attempt to replicate A New Hope instead of fitting a new story to the same structure.
  2. The Hero’s Journey in a large-scale adventure is inherently less-compelling when the lead role is a female.
  3. In an effort to appease feminist morons the female’s story lacked essential components of The Hero’s Journey.


While I am not changing my opinion, there are a few clarifying points I can make:

  • Out of the 3 major problems I listed with the movie, the fact that it was a female in the lead role is the least important point.  With a more original plot that included a hero who actually struggled and overcame obstacles, the hero being female would have not mattered much.
  • The third problem above (lacking essential Hero’s Journey aspects like the “road of trials”), flowed directly out of having a female lead.  With a male lead, this would have not been an issue.  Instead of the studio being paranoid about having a “weak” hero, they would have allowed for proper storytelling.  Feminists are so insecure and overbearing that this was the end result — but it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can have a female lead who learns and grows just as Luke Skywalker did.
  • My complaint about a female lead applies specifically to these types of movies.  There are many excellent movies out there with a female as the hero of the story.  Many movies with male leads have females who are the most interesting character, as well.  However, I’m talking about action-adventure-save-the-world movies.  For instance, there’s a reason there aren’t more female superheros.  Because they suck.  Because they’re not believable.  Because they don’t resonate with the majority of people.  Because, as a society, we rightfully value different traits in women than we do in men.  Because men don’t care about a female action hero and only some women do.  It’s similar to men’s vs. women’s sports.
  • That all being said, with good writing and without the specter of feminists ghouls hanging over the movie, The Force Awakens could have been a very good movie with a female lead.  This is why I was so uninterested in seeing it.  Because I saw the female lead and I knew they would eff it up.


Additionally, there are a few other noteworthy complaints about this movie that I came across.  Dick Masterson, in the Biggest Problem in the Universe, had a great rant on the subject so I’ll steal some of his points.

  • At no point in the movie did I think, “Man, this is fun!  I want to be there with those characters having an adventure.”  As Dick said, none of the characters seemed excited to be there.  When I watch Indiana Jones I want to be there alongside him beating up Nazis and running from boulders.  The only point in The Force Awakens that was remotely close to this was when Han was yelling at Finn for not having a real plan when they showed up on the Death Star planet with the star-killing cannon.
  • I have to credit Dick on this next one.  Was this an entire universe with daddy issues?  You got a stormtrooper that doesn’t know his parents and feels lost.  A chick who’s waiting around for her family who abandoned her.  A bad dude who is acting out against his father.  And Luke running off and pouting.  Cripes.  Where are the normal people?!  Where am I in this?!
  • Again, credit to Dick: the movie took a shit on the entire original trilogy.  All that fighting and all that death in the previous films and when The Force Awakens starts, we’re at almost exactly the same point.  Like, nothing happened!  The good guys are still called the “Rebellion” for God’s sake.


Overall, Star Wars VII wasn’t any dumber than Jurassic World, but when you make a Star Wars movie, expectations are higher.  Sorry.  At least Jurassic World had characters we actually liked, although they were kinda stupid, too.


P.S. Dick with the quote of the night: “Whoever wrote it just wanted to write a story about a fictional little girl that they wished they had.”

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