what’s the huge deal with Al Jazeera?

This Peyton Manning story about steroids breaks and all of a sudden everyone has an opinion about Al Jazeera with many people discrediting it as a “legitimate” news source.  What exactly does that mean?  No journalists work there?  It has some ulterior motive you don’t like?

Hate to break it to you, but that’s how the news works.  Every news sources has its favorite type of people who it advocates for and caters its news to.  Watch, I’ll do it. Here’s a bunch of news sources together with their people:

  • Fox News — every Republican stereotype
  • MSNBC — every Democrat stereotype
  • CNN — empty chairs at airport gates
  • Brietbart — young conservatives who wear suits to their college classes
  • HuffPo — young liberals who love politics, feeling superior, and OMG moments
  • Think Progress — people who specialize in being progressive while on Facebook
  • Daily Kos — dirty commies
  • Jezebel — dirty feminists
  • Alternet — dirty hippies
  • BBC — the 2% of Londoners who actually have that high-class accent; Americans who think that high-class accent means you’re smarter
  • Salon — HuffPo readers who prefer something that’s high brow
  • Vice — Salon readers who think they’re edgy
  • AP — shoddy journalists
  • NY Post — people who get outraged at headlines
  • ESPN — LeBron, the WNBA, and nerds who just started watching sports
  • Fox Sports 1 — people who prefer inferior sports coverage to watching ESPN
  • Reason Magazine — college males who just discovered politics
  • Zero Hedge — former Reason Magazine readers who now hate politics
  • InfoWars — former Zero Hedge readers who know it’s really all the Jews’ fault
  • The New York Times — people who think there’s no bias in the news
  • The Los Angeles Times — people who think there’s no bias in the news but prefer news sources that use smaller words
  • The Atlantic — [just kidding, oceans don’t report news]
  • Deseret News — Mormons in Utah
  • Christian Science Monitor — conservative Christians
  • Al Jazeera —  mainstream Muslims


A lot of the Al Jazeera dislike stems from people who think it is not critical enough towards factions within Islam like the Islamic State or other Islamic radicals.  Or maybe Islam as a whole.  But discounting Al Jazeera for not being more critical of Islam is like hating Univision for not being more critical of Mexico.  Uh, guys if you want some Islamophobia, knock yourselves out.  You’ll just have to look a little further than Al Jazeera.


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