commercial review: ads that just can’t help themselves when given a chance to mock men

Clash of Clans just had to do it, didn’t they?

First of all, of course the boy is too stupid to play his game without his sister’s help.  And of course boys are naturally such sexists that they will always ignore the advice of girls.  It’s on ad companies, of course, to correct this sickness at as early of age as possible.

I initially had a very hard time putting my finger on why exactly this commercial infuriates me.  But here it is: this commercial is shaming a boy by questioning his manhood and they (the creators) have no place to do that.

We talk all the time about every kind of real and not-real shaming on the planet: fit-shaming, fat-shaming, trans-shaming, gay-shaming, slut-shaming, retard-shaming, whatever.  Well, this is masculine-shaming.

What’s more is that the same people who get up in arms about all this shaming shit are the same type of people who make commercials like this.  How do I know this?  Because I speak Social Justice Warrior (SJW).  I understand modern identity politics, the accompanying narratives, and the motives of the supporters.

Here’s the commercial’s message: “Men are assholes to women all the time and every time you don’t listen to a women you’re actually less of a man.”  Uh huh.  That one is right from the playbook of these little SJW activists.  And guess what?  You can’t sneak that shit by me — I can smell it from a mile away.

So the kid is a “little man” because he didn’t listen to his sister’s advice, huh?  Where the fuck do you people get off telling a boy what it means to be a man?  Are you a man yourself?  Are you that awesome of person that you can dole out advice?  Probably not.

And you’re not just doling out advice, you’re attacking.  So the kid is immature and doesn’t like his sister chiming in with her two cents.  So he’s a young man with all kinds of teenage insecurities and feels threatened by a girl telling him what to do.  So what?  Leave him alone.  Don’t shit on him while wearing that snarky, punchable smirk.

Listen, I agree that listening to others (all people, not just women) and taking good advice when you hear it is part of maturing.  I’ll even agree that it’s part of being a man.  True manly men do not feel diminished because they listen to someone else and follow that person’s advice.

These lessons, though, are learned naturally over time or taught by caring elders.  Why do we need to mock, insult, and shame a teenage boy into acting the way we want him to act?  That’s what SJWs are all about: talk like we want you to talk and act like we want you to act or else we will attack you.  Not teach and uplift, but attack.

But here’s an alternate theory:  Maybe the boy just wanted to be left alone.  Maybe his know-it-all sister is obnoxious and butts in all the time.  And maybe it’s a damn game and not a microcosm for everything you see wrong with gender politics.

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