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the dark knight explains donald trump

  How’s this for an analogy (stick with me here)? Batman = Obama, Democrats, GOP Establishment, Ruling Elites, Mass Media, PC Crowd The Mob = American People, especially Middle America Joker = Donald Trump Alfred = Me   Now watch … Continue reading

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who wants to see me go white knight and sexist at the same time?

I do!  I do! Alright, let’s do it.   The White Knight part This kind of manipulative bullcrap is actually pretty anti-woman.  It’s perpetuating an idea popular among MGTOW and PUA types that women are gold-digging whores who don’t care … Continue reading

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truth telling and realism

Some time ago, I read a series of novels by Joe Abercrombie called, “The Third Law Trilogy.”  Technically, it’s fantasy, but really there’s so little magic and other supernatural stuff in there, I look at it more as medieval fiction.  … Continue reading

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no girls, THIS is a nerd

[[My disclaimer from the start is that I have nothing but respect for this crew.  Geniuses and innovators totally pumped about their hard work.]]   I remember being out with an otherwise fairly intelligent girl who told me her ex … Continue reading

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motorcycle adventures and inspirational posts

    There was a time I was down on all the “inspirational” posts about losing weight, following your dreams, and all that crap.  I guess it’s because I didn’t see any posts that resonated with me.  But the stuff … Continue reading

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