bill burr answers if women are funny (old clip)


This was probably near the height of the “are women funny” crap everyone felt the need to chime in on. I think Adam Carolla was patient zero with the new iteration of the women-aren’t-funny debate with this interview.

The whole thing was so unbearably obnoxious.  The height of “Please someone else give me validation!  Men, give me validation!”  The answer is, like Billy says, to just go do your own shit and quit whining.

But really, why is this even a debate?  Of course women are funny!  They’re funny when they get lost, when they try to think critically, when they tell stories they think are entertaining, when they can’t make decisions, when they complain about the other bitches at work, when they throw a baseball, when they wear the wrong clothing/shoes for the situation, when they’re in charge of something…

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