case study: motorcycle vloggers and the cars that almost hit them

Well, I did tell ya so.


Almost makes me want to root for the guy in the Jeep.  Almost.  Classic case of motorcyclist who never learned to ride properly and then thinks everyone else sucks at driving.  We all know people who drive cars like this and perhaps I’ve been one myself.  So certain of my own infallibility as a motorist I can mete out judgement on all others.  Well, you can get away with that shit in a car, but not on a motorcycle as this vlogging idiot almost found out.


Video breakdown:

1) Cars cannot hear your pipes.  Even if they do, they can’t pinpoint the location of the noise.  I guess this guy thinks that once a driver hears a motorcycle somewhere in the vicinity, that driver should never move his car until the sound disappears for fear of hitting the bike.  Which leads into my second point…

2) The biker was in the guy’s blindspot.  The driver may very well have checked his mirrors and did the shoulder look but bikes are easy to miss.  Of course, it’s the driver’s fault, but the motorcyclist has got to be realistic here.

3) Most importantly, this dude has pisspoor riding technique.  A car enters your lane so you panic, yank your clutch and throttle, and then swerve into the other lane?  Cripes that’s almost the complete opposite of what you should do.  Clutch in?  I mean, clutch in?  It’s like he wanted to lay it down.  Horn and brake, idiot.  Horn and brake.  At that slow speed there’s no need for a swerve and for sure not a swerve into another lane where a different car could hit you.  Loud pipes do not save lives.  Loud horns and brakes save lives.


Yes, the guy acknowledges it was a bit of a panic move… and then proceeds to go on his merry way with his moronic vlog.  Maybe riding and talking is too advanced for this guy and his time would be better spent just learning to ride.  I mean, that was a minor incident and you freaked the fuck out, dude.  CALM DOWN.  Add that mentality to your current riding skills and you’re doing yourself no favors.  Just another rider who not only gets himself into trouble but furthers the war between cars and motorcycles.

And bro, you’re riding in Atlanta.  Try splitting lanes during LA rush hour and have cars switch lanes when you’re 2 feet from their rear wheel (see #4).

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