no girls, THIS is a nerd

[[My disclaimer from the start is that I have nothing but respect for this crew.  Geniuses and innovators totally pumped about their hard work.]]


I remember being out with an otherwise fairly intelligent girl who told me her ex was a huge nerd.  I told her to explain and she responded with, “He is really smart.  Like, really smart.”

I happened to have worked with her ex a few years before this.  Nice guy, a bit of a phony, but almost the opposite of a nerd.  He was well-spoken, a former college athlete, an investment banker, and always had a girlfriend.  Smart jock, yes.  Nerd, no.

I think she gave him the nerd label because she liked to think of herself as dating a nerd.  Like it would somehow reinforce the idea that she cared more about intellect than looks, money, and charm.  But she didn’t.  Really, she didn’t.  (Or else we might still be dating.)

This what-is-and-isnt-a-nerd topic has been beat to death on the internet.  People just resent how widespread the moniker “nerd” has become.  The fact that it’s used a lot alone doesn’t really bother me.  But its widespread usage has made the term meaningless (much like the terms “sexist” and “racist”).  So I mostly care because it’s used inaccurately (like the word “literally”).  And, sorry, but it’s mostly women who do this.  I’m not sure why.

Attention women who call anyone who opens a book, gets good grades, or watches a documentary a “nerd”: these are nerds.  Note the awkward dancing, the glasses, the functional but not stylish clothing, and the general discomfort with being in front of people (except for Ballmer — he might be autistic).


So, by way of refresher, here are some nerds:


And here are not nerds:


Definitely not a nerd but damn.


None of these women are nerds and this video makes me cringe.


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