my brief encounter with male feminist


My comment on the video, responding to the female who ripped Frozen for having weak male characters and expressed her desire for strong, chivalrous, masculine men:

“Fair enough. And I want real women. Women who are feminine, skilled homemakers, and good mothers. Strong and confident women without the entitlement that Western culture teaches them.”

Response from the male “feminist” who posted the video in the first place as an example of Fox being big meanies regarding feminism:

“You’re not entitled to a world where women conform to your traditional standards of femininity.”

My response:

“I see a male in your picture, but are you really? No one said I was entitled. However, it did seem appropriate to advocate my preferences since the woman in the video was advocating her preference for traditional masculinity. Considering she is also supporting the traditional nuclear family and the type of men who can facilitate that, I wanted to state what type of women I thought best fit that description. But thanks for the feminist critique. Bro.”


He responded to this with jokes.  This is an example of what I was talking about a few weeks ago when I said that men get attacked for simply expressing what attributes they find desirable in women.  Male feminists are a funny bunch.  Modern feminism exists because it appeals to female vanity and beta males who can’t get laid.


This guy also posted this video because I guess he’s confused at why there aren’t more female movie heroes, a question I’ve answered rather thoroughly here and here.


The comments ripped him pretty well.

When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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