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russell westbrook tells off nerds and (gasp) uses a naughty word

  Geez.  What. A. Bitch.  “He said ‘fuck’ to me and my wife!” Grow a pair, please. I’m on Team Russell, as every normal person should be.  If you aren’t, just do me a favor and do what Russell suggested: … Continue reading

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los angeles is a dump: evidence presented in easy-to-read bullets!

I’ve said it before many times: LA is a piece of shit city that has a few nice spots and good weather that makes you trick yourself into thinking the whole place is nice.  But it isn’t and you’re just … Continue reading

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my return to the high horse to lecture women

An article someone sent me written at The Federalist by a mother-of-four author and columnist. What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy Good article and God knows I agree with her premise and most of her points, but there’s a key … Continue reading

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