my return to the high horse to lecture women

An article someone sent me written at The Federalist by a mother-of-four author and columnist.

What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy

Good article and God knows I agree with her premise and most of her points, but there’s a key understanding that’s missed (and most anti-feminists miss this), as shown in this concluding statement:


Women can have careers, be independent, strong, and happy, but if they want to do all this and attract the kind of man they really crave, they need to throw out the hallmarks of feminism that claim their male peers are domineering, stupid, misogynist authoritarians who will make their lives miserable.”


No they cannot. At least, the VAST majority of women cannot. Satisfaction in life, especially for women, never comes from their careers or anything they do outside of the home. This is true for men, as well, but I’m focusing on single people aged 25-35 or so.  At that age, men are naturally inclined to launch a career and make money–really, to lay a foundation to provide for a future family.  Women, entering their biological prime, are naturally inclined to have children and settle down.  But feminism has got them all out working, driving nice cars, and hanging out with loser guys.

I know many good, anti-feminist, traditionally-minded, conservative, single women who are all the things the article says they can be: independent, successful in their careers, strong, hard-working, attractive, and fun.  The girls I’m thinking of aren’t weirdo cat ladies and they’re not Miss Career Bitchness either.  They’re cool.  But… they are miserable.  They’ve found themselves getting into their 30’s and look around to see they don’t have a man or kids and they start doing things like freezing their eggs or dating beta bums.


Here’s the prototypical story:

  1. Woman gets educated.
  2. Woman works hard and succeeds at work.
  3. Woman enters early 30’s.
  4. Woman wants to settle down.
  5. Woman desires man who is slightly older, smarter, and richer (sorry but it’s true).


Here’s the problem with this situation: any man who even loosely qualifies for #5 is interested in the sweet 25-year-old who is more attractive and can still bear him children (or he already married said 25-year-old).  If he’s patient, he can also find one that doesn’t have the obsessive, nagging, “go-getter” attitude that advancing in the business world demands.*  Hate to break it to you, girls, but the masculine, traditional man that women want does not give a damn about your job or education.


Here’s conclusion of the story: the nice, non-feminist woman is still alone and miserable, despite all her career accolades, nice apartment, interesting hobbies, and international travel experience.

True, the article I linked to is right that feminism has done this to them.  However, it’s all women who are victimized by it, not just the ones who, as this article asserts, haven’t ditched the feminist ideology.


Here’s the solution:  There was a time (i.e., all of human history except the last 60 years) when a woman knew that the most important thing she could do during these years was to attract a good man.  This was spoken of honestly and openly.  And woman acted accordingly.  Time to bring that back.

Look, in regard to long-term happiness, finding a good spouse is the most important thing women and men can do.  As I said above, men should be spending this time working hard so they can provide for a future family.  And everyone talks all the time about the ways in which men can change and improve themselves in order to attract top-tier women.  This is a good thing.

So let’s do it for the girls, too.


* This is demanded of men, as well, although they wear it better.

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