russell westbrook tells off nerds and (gasp) uses a naughty word


Geez.  What. A. Bitch.  “He said ‘fuck’ to me and my wife!”

Grow a pair, please.

I’m on Team Russell, as every normal person should be.  If you aren’t, just do me a favor and do what Russell suggested: sit there with your wife and shut the fuck up.  I can’t remember who said it first so I’m going to credit PFTCommenter since I think I heard him say it once, but in sports there’s a clear line between fan and athlete.  If either party physically crosses that line, as in the Malice and the Palace, anything goes.  It’s like going fishing in a spot where bears are also fishing — anything that happens is on you, not the bear.  That’s just what you get for forcing yourself into their world.

So I have no problem with the Malice at the Palace either.  Fans crossed the line and got decked.  The same applies to words.  You yell at a player, you personally get his attention, you have to take whatever verbal punishment he comes back at you with.  If you don’t want that, please, for the love of God, sit there with your wife and shut the fuck up.

Remember when I said sports have too many fans?  Yup, that’s why the NBA fined Russ.  Have to appease all the sissies who discovered the NBA in the last 5 years so they don’t miss out on any revenue.  Now I’m sure the athletes who are getting paid millions more because of the increase in league popularity aren’t complaining too much, but it’s sure annoying for the rest of us.

When this pussy got on the horn to the NBA in order to whine like a bitch Adam Silver should have just pointed to Westbrook and said, “Yeah, what he said.”

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