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did that stupid sitcom friends trigger the end of western civilization?

You may not think this about me, but I love seeing people post articles on Facebook. Like Jack Donaghy said, “It’s like seeing a dog wearing clothes.” I get to not only read an article that is silly and uninspiring, but also … Continue reading

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california knows how to party

From 2014: Angelenos Spend An Extra $2,485 Each Year Because Of Our Crappy Roads From 2016: L.A. Drivers Pay Nearly $3,000 A Year For Traffic, Crashes And Bad Roads, Says Report Statistics may not be my strong suit, but this seems like a … Continue reading

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follow-up to Rogue One trailer: i’m right

Rogue One: Felicity Jones on the importance of women in the Rebellion Money quotes: To help the Rebellion secure the plans that will eventually help Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star, her conscripted outlaw will fight in space, on land, … Continue reading

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shocker of the century: me being an asshole irritated someone

In response to my post about the new Rogue One trailer, another blogger decided to write a rebuttal to every point I made. Here’s the link. Now is this the part where I respond to the response?  Go point by point … Continue reading

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rogue one trailer: how many more male roles are we going to have women play?

Welp, since one wasn’t enough, the Big D had to double down: Coming to theaters soon is Episode 2 of Star Wars: Female Reboot.  Gear up this December for an Epic Showdown between Woman and Sinister Man who for some reason … Continue reading

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