director chooses female lead because of her looks, annoying internet people are (predictably) mad

Kate Beckinsale Says Michael Bay Was ‘Baffled’ by Her Looks

Michael Bay responds by telling the feminist weirdos to piss off

OK, so that wasn’t the title of the second article.

I hate to be the one to lecture everyone as to how the world works, but if that’s what must happen, then I am the man for it.*  Here is yet another case of losers with blogs getting outraged at anything that isn’t worshiping a female for everything besides her looks.

Hollywood is about making money, children. Investors, studio heads, producers, etc. want the green and nothing else. If strong female side pieces put asses in seats, then Kate’s character in Pearl Harbor would have been a strong female side piece. For all his directorial faults, if Mr. Michael Bay knows one thing it’s how to make big movies that make big money. If he says women who are too pretty piss off female audience members… then women who are too pretty piss off female audience members.**  To any actress or lonely hag who has a problem with that I’ll respond with this: dems da breaks, sweetheart.

Let’s call this what it is. Feminism is hot in the streets, right now. You know what’s not hot? Men noticing how some women are hotter than others and businessmen knowing that certain looks are more appealing in a large-budget film. Kate made a passing comment about something that happened 15 years ago and it’s a big deal in 2016 because the current climate is where you get attention for this stuff. So if you’re a whiny author looking for article clicks, you run with this and pretend it bothers you.  If you wrote this article when the movie came out, everyone would have (rightly) shrugged and said, “And?” But now your useless article gets attention.  It worked with J Law, right?

If it makes Kate’s “allies” feel better, besides Cuba going HAM with that machine gun, the most memorable image of that terrible movie was Kate wearing a WW2 nurse’s outfit.  (Actually, that probably doesn’t make them feel better since they were whining about men who assess a female’s looks.)  Far be it from me to point out, but Pearl Harbor was the main reason Kate got the chance to make millions of dollars staring in the Underworld franchise. The studios certainly didn’t pick her for her hippie-dippy-dipshit character from Serendipity.  Related fact: the leading autocomplete result on Google for “Kate Beckinsale” is “Kate Beckinsale Pearl Harbor.”  Michael Bay to Kate: “You’re welcome.”

So instead of these bloggers throwing Michael B under a bus filled with overweight feminist complainers, they should realize that Kate probably sent him flowers.


* I actually love lecturing people.

** While MB is right that her look wouldn’t piss off female audience members, if female audience members knew that every male in the audience finds Kate significantly more attractive than almost every other woman, she would most definitely piss them off. Kudos to the Bayster for understanding this.

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