follow-up to Rogue One trailer: i’m right

Rogue One: Felicity Jones on the importance of women in the Rebellion

Money quotes:

  • To help the Rebellion secure the plans that will eventually help Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star, her conscripted outlaw will fight in space, on land, in the pouring rain, and under a sweltering desert sun.
  • At 5-foot-3, Jones is not the typical war-movie brawler, but she says that’s part of Jyn’s underdog appeal.
  • Physically, she’s smaller than everyone else around her, but… when someone has something they believe in, that’s what powers them, that’s what motivates them, that’s what can give someone enormous strength.
  • There’s no doubt a lot of dudes make up the resistance fighting force, but women — such as Princess Leia at the diplomatic level, to Jyn on the battlefield — are its leaders.
  • At a time when the United States has just nominated its first female candidate for president, Jones says fantasy can change reality for the better by showing even more female action heroes. “It’s vital,” she says. “As we’re seeing in politics, it is a world where women are becoming leaders of nations, and films should be reflecting that.”


Everyone keeps trying to say, “Hey man, why are you such a sexist asswipe?  What’s wrong with a female lead?  Six other movies had male leads and now just two have female leads.  What’s the big deal?”

Well, it’s not like they randomly chose to have a female star in this one.  People act like it was no big deal because women are half the population so why wouldn’t one star in this new movie.

Uh, don’t you see?  It’s part of a concerted effort to make statements.  And it was statements that fucked up Episode 7.  They are shoehorning in a little girl (5’3″) to fight full-grown men because girl power.

It makes no sense!  Doesn’t anyone notice this?  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Leia was an awesome character.  She was a leader, fighter, and a killer.  However, she was also a fully-developed female character with all the shortcomings and attributes of a real-life woman.  Rey was a cardboard stand-in for what you people think a kickass woman should be.  Shallow, unrealistic, and transparent.

Just wait; this new movie with its new kickass girl is going to be a lot more Rey than Leia.  How do I know this?  Because our modern world has lost its mind and can’t identify the differences between men and women beyond their genitalia and thus can’t write proper characters.  At least, not in big-budget Hollywood flicks.



BTW, how’s that whole “women leading nations” thing going?  Margaret Thatcher was awesome but the current generation now spits on her because she was a little conservative.  Angela Merkel still destroying Europe’s civil society and importing a literal rape culture?  Hillary Clinton still taking money from terrorist-funding Saudi Arabia and starting wars that kill Muslims?  That woman in South Korea still being a puppet for some kind of witch doctor (not even kidding, look it up).  OK, then.  Not saying women can’t lead nations, but we might need more evidence.

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