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i see you’ve played knifey spoony before

[[link if it doesn’t play on mobile]] She takes that taze like a champ. She was charged with “holding a knife in public?” What the hell, Australia?   Grow a pair. *   * Cause “that’s not a knife.” Quick compilation … Continue reading

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why do i always have to be the voice of reason? j/k it’s my favorite thing to do

Thanks, Facebook Friends for another moronic item on my timeline!   “How many dumb people can we find on a college campus?” These things are all the same, right?  I knew this going in but still watched some of it. After about … Continue reading

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more people that agree with me which implies i am always right

So there’s this guy on YouTube named ramzpaul. Google tells me he’s on the “Alt-Right” but whatever that means, at least he has some ideas on Star Wars that coincide pretty well with mine. Since I’m capable of holding two … Continue reading

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the anti-male commercials just keep rolling

I’ve been complaining about this shit for a long time.  Gavin McInnes has, too.  He also has a funny game: make the same commercial with the same script but replace the white male with a black female.  Watch the outrage … Continue reading

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