the anti-male commercials just keep rolling

I’ve been complaining about this shit for a long time.  Gavin McInnes has, too.  He also has a funny game: make the same commercial with the same script but replace the white male with a black female.  Watch the outrage roll in.

Try it in today’s example, brought to you by GE:

You see how insulting that is?  Our modern world has decided, however, that these type of insults can only be directed towards men.  I’m not asking you to stop insulting them but I am saying that everyone should be on the table or no one should be.

As part of my traditional sexist ranting, let me fix this ad for you, GE: in the real world, the jet engine is being built by that red-haired autistic nerd and the cute, perky brunette has a Master’s in Psych and works a 9-5 HR job.  She also drives a Prius, uses 3 online dating services, and has a rescue dog.

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