why do i always have to be the voice of reason? j/k it’s my favorite thing to do

Thanks, Facebook Friends for another moronic item on my timeline!


“How many dumb people can we find on a college campus?”

These things are all the same, right?  I knew this going in but still watched some of it.

After about a minute I thought, “Who TF made this?”

Without a bit of surprise, I saw the creator was Salon, that shoddy rag of a newspaper* which specializes in sneering, self-righteous arrogance masquerading as highbrow insights.

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to take away from this video other than contempt for our fellow man.  So what good is it?  It’s not very funny.  It’s not interesting (we’ve seen stuff just like this before).  It’s not informative (you can’t base any conclusions off it because it’s nothing more than hand-picked anecdotes).  Again: so what good is it?  Hell, maybe it’s not a complete waste of time, but it’s certainly closer to “waste” than it is to “useful.”

You know what’s more annoying that dumb people everywhere?  People who think they’re clever but who really aren’t any smarter than average who go around and point out how dumb the average person is.

Honestly, dumb people don’t bother any more than ugly people bother me.  Some people are beautiful, some people aren’t.  Some people are born smart, some people are born stupid.  It’s kind of how the world works, so why worry about it?  Why judge people for it?  Sure, public figures and random idiots who affect us personally may deserve our scorn but this idea that we should be bothered by the fact that somewhere in the country a stupid person is walking down street is even more stupid.  In fact, I’ll go so far as saying that if your answer to “What’s one of the biggest problems in the world?” is “Too many dumb people,” you are an asshole and probably a dipshit yourself, just like that moron I wrote about last week.

Someone once asked Leonardo DiCaprio whether he thought people were inherently good or evil.  “I think they’re just people,” he answered.**  This applies to whether people are inherently stupid or smart.  They’re just people.***

If I’m walking down the street and someone with a camera asks me who won the Civil War, I’m answering, “Canada.”


* I know they’re neither a newspaper nor a rag because they’re online but you know what I mean.

** OK, that was a line from Blood Diamond.

*** But for real, everyone is stupid.

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